Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lost or forget password recovery and reset

When you lost your password, or your forgot it, or someone gets your password , or someone hacked your hotmail or outlook, or Windows Live Messenger account or MSN you should reset it.

We will now explain you how to reset password on hotmail account:

Enter hotmail web address: www.hotmail.com
Click "Can't access your account?".

When new page is opened, click "I forgot password", and then click "Reset your password".

Then in the next page enter name of your hotmail, outlook, Microsoft  Windows Live account or MSN account or email.

  When you click "Next", you must open your alternate address which you entered on creating email. Microsoft hotmail will send link for reset on your alternative email and when you click on it you will be able to reset password and enter new password. So next time take attention on alternate email address. This is best way to retrive and recovery password.

How to register sign in to Hotmail Outlook Windows Live Messenger

If you want to use Windows Live Messenger MSN to chat and comunicate with your friends you need to have hotmail email account or outlook acount or other mail account which is signet by .net passport.
We will teach you now hot to create hotmail account and outlook account. Outlook account is new feature from Microsoft and it is suposed to be used with new Windows 8 operating system.

First, open the web page www.hotmail.com .

Click "Sign Up Now" and you will be forwarded to form on which you must enter informations about yourself. Also you must choose name of your mail that  is not already used. You must enter complicated password to be able to sign in to hotmail Windows Live Messenger MSN account.

Alternate email address is very importat because when you fogot your password or someone hack yor Hotmail Windows Live Messenger MSN account  you can allways get your password by clicking "Forget Password" and your new password will be able to reset by your alternate email address.
That is best way to recover your password and with that all your data , Windows Live Messenger  account, MSn , Hotmail....

After you entered all information you have to click "I Accept".

 Then Hotmail asks you if you want to use HTTPS. We recommend you to use it.

Then comfirm that again...
And you have your Hotmail email account with your imbox, Windows Live Meessenger MSN, SkyDrive, MSn and lots more.

You are online on MSN Messenger by default and you can sign out by clicking on Messenger , and then on Sign out Messenger.

Now if you  want to signing in to Microsoft OUTLOOK email account which also can connect to Windows Live Messenger and MSN, and you will have Windows Messenger ID. This is also a short review of outlook email online client.

First enter page of outlook  in your browser. www.outlook.com

Then click "Sign up now" in bottom left corner.
After that new page with form for entering data will open:
Enter your First Name, Last Name.Birt date. gender , Microsoft account name - you must take attention to account name because everybody will use that name to contact you, also you must choose uniqe one, because a lot of people wants to have some popular words or names in in it so if somebody already have Microsoft outlook account with that name you will not be able to register your Microsoft outlook acoount. You will enter also that name on signing in  MSN Windows Live Messenger.

When you click "I accept" you will be forwarded to your online outlook account. Click "Continue to inbox..."

This inbox have look like Windows 8 operating system and it is very odern and simple. On left side you have folders of email and quick access to Documents, Photos...
On left upper corner is menu.

When you click on messenger icon in right top corner Messaging form will open and form here you can send MSN Windows Live Messenger messages and also you can connect to your Facebook account . You just enter your username and password of Facebook page and it will be connected.

Settings are also on top right and you can change your how your outlook will looks like.

When you click on the menu on the left top corner , four items in Windows 8 Metro style will open. You can choose Mail, People, Calendar and SkyDrive.