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MSN Messenger Error Code - 81000306

The Symptoms you get

You get an error message 81000306 when you launch MSN Messenger and try to logon. Most likely it's not your fault, there is a problem with the MSN Server. Sometimes this error message alternates with error code 81000314.

The Cause of Code 81000306MSN Messenger 8.0 Error Code - 81000306

The MSN server is down, or not unavailable. If it is MSN's problem, do be careful not to make matters worse, for example don't try fixing something that does not need mending, and as a result breaking a perfectly good system.

If the server is running, a possibility is that Softpub.dll may have become unregistered.

Solutions to MSN Error Code 81000306

1) Wait for MSN to repair their Server! Meanwhile check the status of the Messenger service, at:

2) Delete ListCache.dat

Launch CMD and navigate to %appdata%\microsoft.
CD %appdata%\microsoft

Dir /s ListCache.dat

Decide if you want to delete the cache.
Del /s ListCache.dat

Restart your MSN Messenger.

3) Register softpub.dll.

Click Start (Button), and then click Run, type regsvr32 softpub.dll. Restart MSN Messenger.

It would do no harm to also use regsvr32 to re-register: wintrust.dll, initpki.dll, Rsaenh.dll Mssip32.dll and Cryptdlg.dll. Here is the command string to register these dlls. Launch the 'Run' command and paste:

regsvr32 softpub.dll Wintrust.dll Initpki.dll Rsaenh.dll Mssip32.dll Cryptdlg.dll

4) Another problem could be firewall related, thus try temporarily disabling the firewall. If this cures the problem, make sure that MSN Messenger is allowed full access through the firewall.

Your problem could also be related to Error Code 80048820

5) If other people can access the MSN Messenger service, and you are the only one getting Error Code 81000306, then you could look at your anti-virus software. Has anything changed recently?

6) One more thought, could your account be locked out? Try another account if have one, or can create a new account.

Summary of MSN Error Code 81000306

If you are suffering from MSN Error Code 81000306, check that the server is available at Microsoft's end. at: Beware of doing anything to make the problem worse, when it could be the servers fault.

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